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Statistics is actually the study of the selection, business, evaluation, and decoding of information or facts. It can be defined as the collection, interpretation, and presentation of data. Statistics as a subject is essential for student’s career building. Statistics has various advantages. It provides a mean of detecting an error, it leads to more uniform quality of production, it helps to improve the relationship with customers, it provides a source for attainable specification, provides a mean of determining the capability of the manufacturing process, and promotes the understanding and appreciation and quality control. The most important advantage of statistic is that it requires less manpower and saves time and as a result becomes less costly to complete the entire procedure. Statistical data is mainly categorized into primary and secondary data. Primary data is a data where the information is collected from the direct field from the predetermined purpose. Because of its direct nature of the collection, it is used with much confidence. Secondary data, on the other hand, are already collected by an individual for a specific purpose and which is used afterward for other purposes. The data collected from secondary sources are compiled by the investigator to meet their own specific needs. To many students, statistics seems confusing since it deals with the concepts of mean, median and mode together with all other calculations. There are various mathematical concepts which are provided in many statistical topics which make it difficult to grasp and personalize for those who ignore math. The most problem faced by statistics students is in not understanding the practical concepts as well as theoretical concepts which bound them to complete their task on time and also create a problem in practical solutions. Many students fail to remember the facts and figures related to the statistics. Lack of time, proper planning, and scarcity of sources are also some of the problems which are encountered in statistics homework.
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